Thursday, 17 December 2009

In Sickness and in Health..

The Sick Child 1885-6 (Edvard Munch)
Oil on canvas 47 x 46cm

I was speaking to a friend tonight, regarding the game that we were watching; Liverpool v Wigan. My friend, let's call him Andy, was interrupted by his mobile telephone's annoying ring...

".Er... Excuse me, Will, he said "It's Josie", apologising for the abrupt exit as he moved outside to take the call.

On his return, I advised him that, apart from dire emergencies:ie.deaths in her family, or the equivalant, that mobiles should be turned off when Liverpool are playing.

He rightly apologised, and humbly took his seat.

As it happened, Liverpool won an innocuous game whereby, I have to say, I would have been happier to have spent the rest of the evening conversing with Josie, or even her mother, or an orang utan, rather than watch the mindless boring rubbish served up by the Liverpool manager, Benitez, and his Squad of useless individuals.
If Torres is on the bench, and fit; then why play him for 15 minutes?
And, If we pay XX (I think that it was 18 million pound, but I checked the Liverpool website, and they appear to be embarrased to announce the actual cost) for the midfielder Aquilani, who's fit to play but on the bench.Why buy him?
I hate Man Utd
I hate Chelsea
I hate all the other fucking teams, but how come, for instance, Chelsea can disgard two managers after Miserable Morinho ( I know that I have spelt that wrong,but bare with me) and still be top of the Premiership.
Something is wrong somewhere higher up.
One year ago, Tottenham Hotspurs were being managed by some asshole who is now managing on the continent. They had 8 points from 12 games
'Arry took over and now the Spurs are above Liverpool, what does that tell us?
Sick Child Indeed!

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  1. I'm 15 mins from Wigan and about 45 mins from Liverpool right now. Can you imagine? I'm not at home in Sweden. I'm in England. In your, and dad's, country. Am I going to feel that this is my country as well? Let's see!