Sunday, 13 December 2009

I Can't Take Much More of This!

Worn Out at Eternity's Gate (After Vincent van Gogh), 2007
Pen and wash, 40 x 30cm
(Double click to enlarge)

As you pass through life you have love affairs, many are fruitful, hopefully more fruitful than barren. But, after the initial 9 ½ week period of sexual bliss, if nothing materialises to sustain a long relationship, then you must call it a day, hej då, goodbye, adieu, the sex was great, but we are not going to make it.. in the long run.

So. Goodbye, Benitez. If you were my lover, you would have been kicked into touch 6 weeks ago, after the Lyon disaster. Like a mother-in-law, you have overstayed your welcome. Now fuck off.


  1. Ronnie O'sullivan16 December 2009 at 13:43

    And like a mother-in-law we have to put up with it, show understanding, maybe even squeeze out a sarcastic smile because now it's beyond frustration..... now it's moved on to another level.... a helpless void..... that's... unconditional love of course.... que sera sera!

  2. Ronnie, Go back to snooker. You're talking rubbish!

  3. Hi there will. How are you. I was told you may be back in Luton. It would be nice to see you.
    VMRFC are still at The Brache. Look on our website for contact details.

    We have a mini tour to the England v Samoa game on 20th Nov, Fancy it?

  4. what does this mean? Worn out at eternity's gate...are you suggesting life goes on for ever and this poor soul is quite fed up of it?

    I like the girl with the beret - this is a really fine piece