Thursday, 14 January 2010

Oh Please God, make it stop!

The ScreamEdvard Munch
There was little else that I could have portrayed tonight. There was certainly nothing in my portfolio that would have depicted my thoughts as expressively as Edvard has here. Maybe he too was at a Liverpool game all those years ago and was in the throes of throwing himself off of that very bridge. Maybe that was a bridge across the Mersey. Maybe he was so distraught that he was going over to the other side; to become an Everton fan.
Certainly on tonight's performance, no Red fan could have blamed him. How can there be any excuses when you have a "Super Team" that cannot beat a team that lay a division below, in 21st position, 2 points above the relegation drop zone.
And after Torres is dispensed with, which is akin to a kick in the balls; then Gerrard is also absent for the second half, which is akin to a full blown vasectomy, the believer assumes that there is something more, that the manager has something in reserve, that there is hope on the bench. Oh what fools to believe in such tripe. Oh what fools to believe that Liverpool could progress after the tantalising Champions League victory all those years (it seems) ago..
There has been nothing more. The impotence of a second class team is there for all to see. Millions upon millions of money wasted on useless fucks; Who is Ngog? Who the fuck is Lucas (is he a dynamo (sic)) Why the fuck did Liverpool pay 18 million pounds for Aquilani? Who else will Liverpool pay exorbitant prices for, and get fuck all in return.
Crouch has gone, Keane; Owen, Liverpool could have bought back,.... I could go on.
Months back I said that Benitez should go. How many more embarassments must Liverpool suffer before he fucks off.
50 years ago, Bill Shankly took over Liverpool's management. He removed all the deadwood and resurrected the Liverpool team.
Now is the time for just that to be replicated; another Shankly. Otherwise we will be screaming until eternity.

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