Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Affairs of the heart

After Ten Years Apart
Watercolour, 26 x 34cm, 2007

As far as my marital affairs were concerned, if they were known at all, they were not bought up or discussed by Marilyn. But as a man who considers the female of the species to be deadlier than the male, I see women as being far more perceptive in regard to disloyalty in a relationship than the male who will continue his foolhardy escapade, on the assumption that his partner be oblivious to his adulterous liaison(s). Fool!

In this respect, women are far better honed to sensing such situations. A man will blinker his self and run headlong into the mire, then wonder where it had all gone wrong. Too late. Usually all the signs are there, men just are too preoccupied and self absorbed to take heed. I am sure that this was the case in the demise of our relationship.
Extract from It's My Life to be published next month

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