Tuesday, 29 December 2009

The Indifference of Youth

Vattentorn, Slottsskogen, 2007
Watercolour 30 x 22cm

I hate winter.I can't understand for example, skiers who suppliment the joys of spring and summer by foolhardy going on excursions to some far off place in the cold. Why?

The French artist, Monet hated snow. The only reason that he painted snow scenes outdoors, was because he did not have the use of digital cameras at hand. Believe me, nobody nowadays paints plein air, in winter, in snow.

I was walking to my tram stop this evening; I was passed by three girls of no age at all, maybe 18 or so. They skitterly walked by in attire that would have been more akin to late summer, or early autumn.

Of course, they did not notice me.

I noted that, regardless of the conditions underfoot, they all were wearing high heeled shoes.

When I left my apartment, I was concerned that I would fall when walking, due to the fact that the temperature was minus three degrees and breezy; so forming ice.

Nevertheless, these three Swedish beauties tiptoed, chattered, and chuckled there way towards Valands nightclub, without care or fear of being undone by the Göteborg weather.

They disappeared into the club to join, no doubt, their youthful companions.


  1. When you are young the elements do not touch you, happiness, laughter and falling in love have the power to awaken your senses.

  2. How very true, it has always awakened mine...