Saturday, 28 November 2009

Memories of....

She was astride him on the couch and sat above him; discarded the Autumnal sweater to reveal the black lace under bodice which reminded him so much of the figure hugging lines of the dress that she had worn on that first evening.

Moving forward, he pulled her down so that he could kiss her between the deep valley of her breasts, while gently slipping the thin black straps from her shoulders. He unfastened the bodice releasing just one of her full, soft breasts. He took the hardened nipple into his mouth and rolled it around on his tongue,and was convinced that if he had been her baby, he would have spent as much time on these as possible

When she felt the time was right, he found himself in his bedroom. She caressed his neck with soft kisses, while feeling the length of his solid manhood. He raised her head, and let his tongue explore her mouth as he caressed her breasts. Her hand left his neck, her tongue left his mouth, and she slid to the floor, kneeling before him. He watched her head from behind, reflected in the dresser mirror, as she unzipped him, and released his penis.

She massaged it gently, studying it, before slowly encasing her full lips around its head. Looking up at him, she licked the end, before sliding the whole length to the back of her throat.

Before, her kisses had been wild, aggressive, and passionate, but now, she changed her method, though not the passion. Now, she was tender, and treated his penis as a child might a piece of candy: licking and sucking, but not too hard, trying to make it last. She was skilful and knew exactly what to do, and how to do it.

In the past, he had experienced the same act with women who thought a man likes to have a woman drag their teeth down the sensitive end of his manhood, which of course, is not the case. But not with her. He could see that it was an act that she loved to perform; with much skill, and knowledge, on how to please the man. She was slow, and easy, and although it relaxed him, he knew that he must try to withhold his ejaculation, but it was getting hard to resist flooding her mouth with his semen


  1. Ronnie O'sullivan5 December 2009 at 12:55

    Wow thats an interesting book you're reading Will :-) I take it you managed a 147 on that visit to the table :D

  2. Yes, of course, Ronnie and I finished on...sorry, what was you saying?